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Welcome to Subject To Change, a travelogue of stories and experiences I’ve gathered in my wanderings. I originally began this blog as a way to record an epic three month road trip across the American West that I undertook with my husband in the autumn of 2017.   My hope at that time was that I would reconnect to the best in nature and humanity. Those three months on the road allowed me to understand the power travel has to transform a life. Since I’ve returned, I’ve felt the incessant call back to the road, to the call of wild places, to the curiosity and wonder of an unplanned day. I decided that I wanted to pursue a traveling life while also continuing to find and refine my writing voice. I found meaning and truth on our road trip, it’s out there, waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

I’ve spent a lot of time the last few weeks thinking of travel and how I want to structure a year of wandering. I knew I wanted to explore a new place every month. At first I thought I would focus on mid-size American cities; Kansas City, Nashville, Knoxville. They would be accessible by car and easy to get to. Then I realized I wanted to explore some foreign, exotic cities too, like Prague and Reykjavick and Marrakesh.  I wondered if I shouldn’t be more serendipitous and let chance lead the way. So, I’ve decided not to fit my travel into a thematic scheme but to let the spirit move me. One thing I do know is that I must travel solo in 2018. Some of my favorite travel writers have insisted that solo travel is the superior way to have authentic experiences. Doing so will push me outside of my comfort zone but I welcome the challenge. Time to begin again. I’ve retrieved the backpack from the attic, dusted off my hiking boots and picked a destination. Join me.